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Mineral water

Mineral water, named as Ovorjanchivlan, is Mongolian ancient extrality, has been healing Mongolians for 70 years  .

  •           Liver, choler and pancreas
  •           Releasing inflame
  •           Improving appetite
  •           Supporting digestion
  •           Supporting heart blood flow
  •           Metabolism normal changing


Mineral healing :

  • Healing by drinking;
  • Healing by bathing in mineral water

Indicates of Ovorjanchivlan  mineral water are:

  • Reaction situation  /рН/  -  6,1
  • Fat   - 1,5 г/дм3              
  • Mineralization  – 1,9-2,6 г/дм3
  • Chemical composition  - Clacium Magnesium Sodium  Gidrocadbonat  
  • Types  – Cool mineral water with carbonic acid

  Absorbed itself mineral compounds from earth depth for many years and is included by chemical elements that is not repeated  in mineral situation. So The mineral water is preferred as pure. Locating in the depth  is approved by the researches. For example:

Hot water, degrees as 46, depth from 1200 meter. Mineral water, named as Shargaljuut, degrees as 90, depth from  2600-3000.

Generally, All types of mineral waters are compounded by around 60 chemical elements were searched  to use to healthy body.

Janchivlan  mineral water , famous for Mongolians, is benefits for improving liver,choler flowing cause of rich of Magnesium , Carbonic acid 

 Method of drinking mineral water

Subject of sickness


Drinking period

How to use

Degrees of mineral water

          Stomach normal acid


30-40 min

   Drink by a spoon

30 degree



15-30 min

  Drink by a straw

18-20 degr

Stomach extensive


45-95 min

Drink by a cup

35 degree

Chronic disease of liver and choler


Influence by stomach acid

35-40 degree

For obstipation


18-20 degree

 Good luck for your healthy and success.

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What is Spa?

 Word is SPA comes from latin as SANUS PER AQUE that means hydro healing. Definition of Spa is to healing body by hot and cold mineral water in natural life. In Mongolian mind, it is understood as mineral water hydropath and mud cure.