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Healing guidance

Put mud 3-4 cm thick and degrees as 38-420С,on diseased part of body

After finishing period of putting mud, wash mater, degree as 36-380С then relax for 30 minutes.


Schedule of mudding


  •   Skip one day, once a day 
    15-20 min
  •   Skip one day, running on
    15-20 min


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Curing mud is highly concentrated with mineral water and from mineralization which is famous since ancient years .

Goal of mudding

  •           Absorbing mineral through skin, mucous membrane to bones and body
  •           Supporting to release broken bones and source of sickness
  •           Damages and hurting of neuraxis and back bone


  •           Recreating energy of body
  •           Resolution tissues increasing
  •           Redevelop healing from hurting 
  •           Recover on lack of minerals in body


Indicates of mineralization mud:


  • Reaction situation  /рН/  -  8,05
  • Mineralization  – 130-170 г/дм3
  • Chemical composition– chloride , Sulfate , Magnesium, Sodium   
  • Types  – Mud named as LAG


 Good luck for your healthy and success.

Rye Spa Resort

What is Spa?

 Word is SPA comes from latin as SANUS PER AQUE that means hydro healing. Definition of Spa is to healing body by hot and cold mineral water in natural life. In Mongolian mind, it is understood as mineral water hydropath and mud cure.