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Healing in program

  • Treating rheumatism Ху
  •  Massages – whole body and half
  •  Healing by acuclosure
  •  Foot massages
  •  Relaxation of blocked of body         


  • Reducing rheumatism
  • Revitalize no activated points of body and improving  consciousness
  • Retreating lack of activated body parts
  • Revitalize points on body and reduce foot dropsy 
  • Blood supply and Blood stream are increased

Good luck for your healthy and success.

Rye Spa Resort

What is Spa?

 Word is SPA comes from latin as SANUS PER AQUE that means hydro healing. Definition of Spa is to healing body by hot and cold mineral water in natural life. In Mongolian mind, it is understood as mineral water hydropath and mud cure.