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Healing Introduction


We offer you highly experienced doctors and warm, clean, and comfortable conditions. Healing capacity is for 20 guests in one servicing. Our servicing is to care for you while you relax  

The healing service is by:

  •           Mineral water
  •           Mudding
  •           Acuclosure  
  •           Spa
  •           Physical curing

The curing is at least for 5 days.  One set can be completed as 5-10 days.

The healing is accompanied by soothing music to enhance the curing process.

If you are you feeling tired, easily exhausted and sick, with stiff neck and loss of sleep, we welcome you to our healing regimen.

                                        Good luck for your healthy and success.

Rye Spa Resort


What is Spa?

 Word is SPA comes from latin as SANUS PER AQUE that means hydro healing. Definition of Spa is to healing body by hot and cold mineral water in natural life. In Mongolian mind, it is understood as mineral water hydropath and mud cure.