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Rye relaxation spa centre is established as based on mineral water , named as Ovorjanchivlan, is Mongolian ancient extrality where Erdene sym in Tuv aimag .Now it ,relaxation spa complex, is operating as 4 star hotel ‘s servicing and environment.

Mineral water which is named as Ovorjanchivlan is rich of  mineralization which is used for healing diseases of plumbing ,liver ,choler, pancreas.

  • Traditional none drug treatment
  • Psychological healing for rehabilitating body to release
  • Comfortable environment
  • Weather
  • Wilderness natural life
  • Silent soothing place
  • Caring under high energy controls

Opportunity by playing interesting games and sports to get full energy

We have provided some following items for your needs:

  • Garage for 4 cars
  • Parking place for 30 cars
  • Security on full time

Your all safety situation is provided by the offering

All condition for you with your friends and your family are definitely desired and attracted under full time service

Following places are leading you to adventure trips

  • Wild goat rock
  • Desired of tree
  • Stamped rock
  • Mountain for female
  • Mountain for male
  • Mineral water for healing eyes

 Our property has been established with a maximum capacity of 40 guests to ensure that each guest will have a comfortable and satisfactory environment. We are happy to pamper our guests with 15 employees for each guest. All employees will be delightful and sincere in with their positions

We are here where near from 5th group of Arhust with area of Ovorjanchivlan in Erdene som in Tuv aimag.

The way from Ulaanbaatar takes 75 km by direct path, 105 km by broadway, destination  from Tuv aimag is 70km.

We all for you.



What is Spa?

 Word is SPA comes from latin as SANUS PER AQUE that means hydro healing. Definition of Spa is to healing body by hot and cold mineral water in natural life. In Mongolian mind, it is understood as mineral water hydropath and mud cure.